A Walking Tour is scheduled for OCTOBER 8 2017, (1-5pm) Sunday afternoon. It will include up to approximately 20 residences in the Dayton Street Historic District. Some are long-time completed renovations. Many are in the middle of renovation just recently purchased shells.  Tickets are $10 (cash only) each and are sold on site at the ticket booth located at the corner of Dayton & Baymiller. Parking will be provided. Ticket sales begin an hour before tour starts.   It is an at will, self-guided tour.  Proceeds will be used to fund a neighborhood-project to improve the Dayton Street Historic District, managed by The Dayton Street Preservation Foundation, determined by the house-participants.

If you live on Dayton, Baymiller, Freeman or York and would like to participate in the tour CONTACT: Abdiel Acevedo at alacevedo05@gmail.com


When you click on the “click here to view Dayton Street Home Tour”, you will be taken to a gallery of photos

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